Being With Feeling

A technique to help medical students manage the emotions they feel in practice.

You’re face-to-face with your first patient. As they describe their symptoms you realize their emotions, are bringing up emotions in you - feelings you haven't thought about for a long time.

You remind yourself to stay focused and remain objective. You suppress what you’re feeling and it works. That is...until someone asks you, what you feel about something. 

This is the moment when you realize that you don’t know what you’re feeling - that you haven't considered your own emotions for a long time.

Practicing psychotherapy with medical professionals, I've come to see how the need to suppress their emotions can cause them to feel conflicted and disconnected from their own feelings.

But, this doesn't have to happen!

In this class, we'll create a new way of thinking about emotion - a tool of sorts, to help you stay connected to yourself while you do the work you love!

In this class we will:

1. Look at how physicians are affected by emotional labor and emotional dissonance.

2. Explore the up-side and the down-side of common ways to cope with emotion.

3. See how the need to protect yourself, shows up in your emotions.

4. Create a way to help you cope with emotions that you can begin using immediately.

Note: I'll ask you to reflect on your feelings.  

I hope you'll join me!


Note: If you take my class and you don't feel that you've gained anything that increased your self-awareness or helped you know more about your own emotions, I will refund your investment 100%. Just let me know within 30 days of your purchase.

What's included?

2 Surveys
9 Texts
Dr. Lisa Holland
Dr. Lisa Holland
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

About the instructor

A practicing psychotherapist for almost 20 years, Dr. Holland has used her training and personal experience to help people resolve the outdated, emotional barriers that disconnect them from themselves, and from the people in their lives.

Lisa trained in medical family therapy, cognitive therapy and strategic therapy models. She created the Heart Spa, an event that helped women see the emotional connections to their hearts and Jake's Journey, a children's sketchbook for parents and therapists to discuss complicated emotions with children after the events of September 11.

Aside from her psychotherapy practice, Lisa teaches continuing education classes on emotional health for the South Carolina Bar Association and for other professionals in law and medicine.

If you'd like more information about Dr. Holland's credentials and training, please visit

What you feel, matters.

Let's get started!